Why buy laptop battery from us?

Professional Laptop Battery Store.

battery-laptops is a worldwide leading Laptop Battery Retail company.We have professional sales representative, QC, shipping carriers to give you the best affordable Replacement Laptop Batteries with our first class service and fast shipping.

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We work with hundreds of factories and manufactures directly and order all high quality from them directly, that’s why we can provide you the lowest price notebook batteries in USA market.

How my order is processed?

After you pay, we first prepare your goods, then our QC engineer will test them, this procedure may take 1 to 2 days. After that, our professional person will pack your package and send it to our shipping carriers(EMS, DHL, etc). It may take 3 to 6 business days for you to receive goods. If you have any questions in the purchase, contact us online and we can solve all your problems. Buy from us and it’s easy and fast.

Laptop Battery Life

Battery life depends on battery capacity, battery age, machine config and what’s running. Laptop batteries have finite life spans rom us and make profit? Most new lithium ion laptop batteries can last 2-4 hours, So if your battery last less then half an hour, We strongly suggest you get a new laptop battery pack for more excellent digital life.

How to prolong laptop batteries life

Try everything possible to cut connecting hardwares and widgets; Reduce as many running aplications as you can, If you are still not satisfied, consider buy a high capacity notebook battery.

Laptop battery maintain

Follow all those laptop battery manual instructions, keep laptop battery clean, Store in a cool and dry place with 40% also Capacity, Keep your battery away from metallic object and children.